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About Penny Cohen

Penny’s Credentials

Penny is a leading-edge transformational psychotherapist, relationship, career and life coach, spiritual mentor, author and trainer.  She has been counseling individuals, and lecturing, and conducting workshops internationally at professional conferences, universities, and organizations on personal, career, and spiritual development and Kabbalah’s Tree of Life for the past thirty years. She holds a Master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, is a licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, EMDR, Energy Psychology, and Imago Relationship practitioner and Life and Spiritual Coach. She also teaches Personal Kabbalah based on her book, Personal Kabbalah: 32 Paths to Inner Peace and Life Purpose. In her private psychotherapy and life coaching practice she helps people connect with the core of who they are, open to love, and find and fulfill their purpose. She works with individuals, couples and groups and does retreats onsite, virtually, or by telephone.  To contact Penny, make an appointment or set up a workshop, lecture, retreat, E-mail:  If you’re motivated to heal and improve your life and the lives of those you counsel, book an appointment now.

Penny’s Philosophy

We and we alone conceive our lives. However, we don’t create them alone. The universe supports us and shows us the way. In essence, there is a universal law of cause and effect, which translates into the law of attraction - plus some. What goes on inside transmits out and comes back. Letting go of trauma, stress and struggle we get to know our true self. When we know our SELF, communicate from the core of who we are (our innately loving, wise self), live with honesty, integrity, and compassion, have a focus and direction, and do it all with the right attitude, we feel more worthwhile and are happier. When we are happier, we are more productive and fulfilled. When we are in an expansive state of being, we begin to attract what we desire rather than have to force to get it. Life becomes easier and more joyful.

Talking the Talk or Walking the Talk

Talk Therapy is Just the Talk

People try to understand why they attract challenging situations and certain types of people into their lives and keep repeating the same disturbing patterns. However, understanding is not enough. Although it might be interesting to gain insights into the reason things happen the way they do, it actually sets up negative mental rehearsal constructs to do it again and again the same way. And affirming and mentally rehearsing new ways of dealing often don’t work either. You need the emotional, intellectual, energetic and AHA shifts first.

Walking the talk:

Walking the talk involves emotional release of repressed feelings and transformation of disempowering questions, self-demeaning commands, negative thoughts, self limiting beliefs, repressed feelings and miss-informed decisions. This neutralizes the fight, flight or freeze response, inferior or superior attitudes and dysfunctional behaviors - all often unconscious. Identifying and releasing the CORE energetic blocks results in changed brain wave and energetic patterns, and opens new neural pathways and sensory motor intuitive impulses that keep us from reacting emotionally impulsively and often dysfunctionally. It opens our heart and mind to love and higher consciousness. It’s in this state of love and higher consciousness, while mentally rehearsing new ways of being, that it helps us heal ourselves, and the world around us. We attract new improved situations and supportive people into our lives and automatically respond effectively, inspirationally and lovingly – even when setting boundaries. We radically improve our lives and the lives of those we love or counsel

Penny’s Method

Combining ancient wisdom, laws of nature, fundamentals of neuroplasticity (the science of rewiring neural synapses in the brain) and leading edge energy psychologies, (energetic cellular releases in the body), Penny has developed a SELF-help internal inquiry transformation process for letting go and living life in the flow:  SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes™.  Utilizing the process daily helps heal the pain, open the heart, and utilize optimum brainpower to maintain and sustain the life you create and love with ease and joy.  

Face it!  Feel it!  Free it! Heal it!

With each inquiry, one step at a time, you will begin to:

  • Quiet your overactive mind, shatter old repetitive beliefs and patterns, align with higher consciousness and experience inner peace.

  • Clear emotional clutter, overcome karmic blocks and open your heart to receive unconditional love.

  • Expand your thinking, speaking and listening to help you make fundamental changes in the way you relate to others, conduct your career and live your life.

  • Repair ancestral lineage influences, discover your purpose and be guided by your intentions and dreams.

  • Relinquish your biggest obstacles of success sabotaging behaviors.

  • Exceed your greatest expectations of upper limit set-points to reach your highest potential in all areas of life.

  • Become the person you’re destined to be and make a difference in the lives of those you love or counsel.

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