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Penny Cohen

Penny partners with you as a coach, mentor, listener, supporter, guide and motivator to help you to:

Understand your relationship to the Divine, open to your soul, connect with spirit, and discover your purpose.

Expand your thinking, speaking and ways of being to help you make fundamental changes in the way you live your life and conduct your career.

Go beyond yourself to attract what you need and desire rather than chasing or forcing to get it.

Help yourself become the person you wish to be, live the life you desire and love and have it filled with meaning and purpose.

Free Workshop

 SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes FREE: 3 week (one hour each) course 

Workshops on Gaining Answers to the BIG Personal Questions:

Are you bored, stuck or in a rut and feel stagnant?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and run down?

Are you suffering with addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, low-grade self-esteem or fear of change?

Are you struggling with life/family/work balance?

Do you feel like you’ve sold your soul or lost your SELF?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may want to learn more about radical SELF love and how to embrace and regain your true self for increased vitality and aliveness.

Are your relationships out of wack and you wish you had closer family and social connections?

Are you no longer “in love” with your wife, husband, or mate and feel stuck in the relationship?

Do you long for deep emotional and sexual intimacy in your primary relationship?

Are you experiencing mid-life crisis?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may want to learn more about relationship awesomeness and deeper connections and intimacy. 

Are you desperately searching for a career with meaning and purpose and getting nowhere?

Are you experiencing empty-nest syndrome and looking for more meaning in your life?

Do you want to overcome your biggest obstacles, (upper-limit set-points, and success sabotaging behaviors), exceed your greatest expectations, and fulfill your greatness?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may want to learn more about how to uncover your passion.

Are you ready to take action on what you love to do?

Are you experiencing the dark night of the soul?

Are you still forcing to get what you desire?

Do you wish to live life in the flow with ease and joy?

Would you like to feel connected, loved, supported, guided and blessed while mentoring others? 

Do you wish to maintain the love, passion and joy on an ongoing basis?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may want to learn more about how to attract what you desire, let your dreams guide you, and live and love the life you create with more ease and joy continuously.

Free Workshop

SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes


3 week

(one hour each) course

Week 1:  Authenticity

  • Learn the dynamics of being authentic and aligned on an ongoing basis.

  • Basic Relaxation

  • Sensory Perception – identify constrictions in the body

Week 2:  Heartfulness

  • Belief Identification and Relief

  • Identify, Face, Feel, Free and Heal the feelings beneath emotions

Week 3:  The SELF-Realization Process

  • Class discussions and demonstrations of how to use the process

Workshops on Gaining Answers to the BIG Personal Questions:

The Who, What, Why and How of You

Who am I? -- Radical Self-love

10 Weeks Session

10 Weeks To Becoming REAL:  Radiant, Enlightened, Abundant and Loved

  • Learning to Use the Process:  SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes™


Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit Priest and philosopher said, “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences.  We are spiritual beings having human experiences.” I add, we are spiritual beings in human form capable of having Divine experiences – when we allow them.


Learn How To:


  • Identify your life lessons

  • Discover your soul’s codes

  • Chart your own course

  • Free the blocks (trauma, anger, anxiety, depression, stress, struggle, negativity) and open to higher consciousness

  • Listen to your body’s wisdom and develop keen sensory awareness

  • Open new neural pathways to lifelong well-being and vitality

  • Embrace your higher self and bring more of your soul (personal life force) back into your body 

  • Connect with spirit, archangels, angels, human angels and spirit guides

  • Feel worthy and deserving of RECEIVING love and wisdom

  • Let go and live in the flow in everyday dealings by utilizing the SELF-Realization Process and Practice.

Why am I here? -- Relationship Awe 

10 Weeks Session

10 Weeks To Free Karmic blocks and maintain:

  • Unconditional Love, Effective Parenting, Family and Social Connections,

  • Incredible Intimacy in Your Primary Relationship


Learn How To:


  • Let go of regrets

  • Heal the ghosts of the past (hurts, guilts, dysfunctional relationships)

  • Become non-judgmental, non-critical and non-controlling 

  • Free karmic blocks

  • Meet the needs of others without compromising yourself

  • Forgive, not from the head, but the heart

  • Keep  your heart open and maintain unconditional love

  • Add value to others

  • Live with loving-kindness

  • Develop close family and social connections and fruitful business transactions

  • Experience REAL intimacy with your partner and ignite or reignite the feeling of being “in love”

  • Turn the question, “Is this all there is?” to “This is as good as it gets and I’m truly blessed.”

What Is My Purpose? -- Discover What You Love To Do & Do It With Love 

10 Weeks Session

10 Weeks To Meaning, Passion and Purpose


Learn How To:


  • Find meaning in everything you do in the moment whether as a support or breadwinner. 

  • Identify what you love to do to make a difference

  • Ascertain the way you like to work

  • Determine your niche

  • Develop a mission statement

  • Have a vision

  • Create a vision board

  • Overcome your biggest obstacles  

  • Exceed your greatest expectations

  • Live life on your own terms with terms of endearment

  • Live and love the life you create for yourself

How Can I Fulfill my Purpose? -- Realize Your Blessed Life and Mentor Others 

10 Weeks Session

10 Weeks To Living In The Flow and Becoming a Mentor to Others


Learn How To:


  • Live with intention and will to constantly serve, mentor and create

  • Stay in the present and single focused

  • Remain humble without giving up your SELF

  • Be willing to go the extra mile

  • Practice effective prayer and meditation

  • Be prepared and ready for what you ask for

  • Feel worthy and deserving of your desires

  • Remain open to receive ongoing joy and pleasure

  • Take compassionate action on what comes

  • Celebrate attracting what you desire

  • Feel connected,loved, guided, supported and blessed.

  • Maintain the Art of Surrender:  Love letting go and living life in the flow of love, wisdom and inspiration, allow your dreams to guide you and make a difference by mentoring

  • Maintain love, passion and joy ongoing utilizing the process:  SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes 

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