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Work directly with Penny


Individual, Couples & Family Counseling/Coaching

Penny is happy to work with you on a variety of issues. Including:

Personal Challenges – Are you feeling down, depressed, angry or anxious, stressed, or stuck and in a rut from life situations such as:  transition from divorce, heartbreak, loss of a loved one or job, illness, trauma, empty-nesting, boredom, low self -esteem or just plain unhappiness or not knowing who you are and yet wish to move forward?  Are you asking, “Who am I?”

Relationship Awe -- Are you suffering from loneliness, hurt, sadness or even hate because of your relationships and longing for more fulfilling, loving parenting connections with your children (kids or adult children), family and social relationships, or more intimacy in your primary relationship?  Or, do you ever question; “Why am I here?” That’s really about how to open your heart and communicate compassionately.

Meaningful Career – Do you lack focus or direction yet crave living with meaning, purpose, and prosperity, and/or wish to reach your highest potential and sustain the momentum ongoing?  Do you constantly ask, “What is my purpose?” It’s about finding your unique passion.

​Mentoring -- Are you searching for a process to use on your own for yourself or as a clinician to help you and/or others handle life’s daily challenges with more ease and joy? Do you often wonder, “How can I mentor or serve others?”  It’s making a difference in the world.

Advanced Mentoring for Healthcare Professionals and Serious Students—Do you want to expand your skillset and work with challenging and resistant clients to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals quicker and with less effort?

Registration Now Open For: One Year Professional Training

SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes

One Year (40 Weeks) Certification of Completion Training Program

Ongoing Study Group:
SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes


Exploring the Mystical Path & Having a Mystical, Magical, Wonderful Life

Meets Every Monday Night
Where: On Zoom, 7:30-9:00
Fee: $35.00 (each session)

SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes
The Workshops


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