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I Am God, Right God?


Penny Cohen, LCSW

One day while doing a presentation I made the rash statement to the group. I said, “I believe I am God,” then I looked up, “Right God?” Of course I got grimaces, frowns and rumblings in the audience. I overhead someone telling another, “She thinks she’s God. Is she an ego maniac or just plain crazy?”

Yes, I believe I am a God. I create my own life. However, there are outside powers to help me along.

When I explained this concept to a Rabbi versed in Kabbalah he agreed with me. He said, “We are our own God but there is a greater system and a plan.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Just look at the solar system, the stars and planets, the earth revolving around the sun. Everything works in unison according to plan,” he said and explained further. “Just think about the geese that fly in a pattern and if one dies a space is left where the deceased was positioned in the group flight.”

I remembered when I was in Guadalahara, Mexico looking down on a cement path and saw tiny ants carrying huge leave on their backs. They were all working on their own in unison.” And more recently in the Serengetti watching the animal migration with the zebras leading the wilderbeasts. What impulses prompted that cooperation? There had to be a system.

The rabbi went on. “If there’s a system and a plan and we’re in this system that means we each have a purpose. Our purpose is to repair our soul.”

A long time ago I read a quote from a sage who said, “Success isn’t about what you accomplish, it’s what you’ve learned to overcome.” I took it that that we had to transform any evil within us, and that means stuff from our ancestral lineage as well as past lives. We don’t come in as blank slates. We come in with a soul that has stamps on it from past lives that needs repair and that soul comes into a body with a DNA and RNA past down from our ancestral lineage, creating reactive instincts that need healing. Although we may forget our past lives and not be in touch with our ancestral lineage, they show up in beliefs and emotional charges that we may not be aware of.

Whenever we have anything in our lives that we are not happy about, it means there’s some negative belief or repressed feeling. Our work is to transform those beliefs and emotional charges to love and in that love access our truth and purpose. My purpose is to free myself of these obstacles and stay in my truth – the truth beneath the stories.

The way of getting to that truth is seeing that everything and everyone in my life is a reflection of me. And if I have a problem with anyone and anyone has a problem with me or comes to me with a problem, there’s something within me that still needs to be healed. The more I heal it, the more I heal the world, one belief and instinct at a time.


I invite you to think about what you need to overcome to heal your life regarding your thoughts and feelings. And when you do, send love to them, like you would a child, send them out with love, open to new love and wait and see what comes.

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