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Matters Of Perception:

Mysticism, Illusion, 

& Magical Living©


Penny Cohen, LCSW

While babysitting for my six year old granddaughter one afternoon we were playing a game. Then I saw her head shirk and she looked around, “Is this all a dream?” she asked out of the blue.


“What do you mean?” I asked her.


She reiterated, “Is this all?” She pointed around the room, “Is everything here a dream?” she asked again.


I asked, “Do you think it is?” She shook her head, “Yes.”


My version and vision of reality is that it’s an illusion and it’s the mystical that’s real. However, since reality is made up it can also be magical. Stay with me on this. The mystical is the only thing there is. Everything else is a matter of perception.


Not only that. We, each individually, are all there is. We each are the One in Oneness and the oneness is within each of us and everyone is a reflection and perception of ourselves. That’s the mystical part.


How did I come to these conclusions? Well, think about this. When I see you, I’m the one observing and creating a picture in my mind. What I think of you is my perception of you. What I think you’re thinking of me is my perception of me. The way you treat me is a vision I retain in my mind. The way I feel is what’s going on in my body. Based on the law of attraction – or cause and effect, what I have going on inside transmits out and comes back. So whatever I have and do is based on me, myself, and I. That being said, nevertheless, I’m still not alone.


When I let go of my unhealthy ego; the me, myself and I, I open to the I that is we. The I that is all One. All of us together. All consciousness, all knowing, all awareness. And you know the expression, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” I can open even further to the love and wisdom of us all and take advantage of it by intending what I desire. And I often get it. That’s what makes life magical.


How do I know this? Well, when I set an intention and let go of tension, I see the magic and miracles taking place. They may not always happen the way I imagined, but they happen. For instance, when I was working on my first book I got blocked on one particular section. I kept thinking I should sit down and write it out by longhand. That slows my mind down and information comes out differently. For weeks I kept thinking I “should” write it out. Yet, I’m a very fast typist and was seduced by the computer. Well, one day I woke up, went to the computer and found it had crashed. I both cried and chuckled at the same time. But I sat down to hand-write it out and broke though my block. I got what I needed, even though it wasn’t the way I expected it.


Another magical time was the day of my wedding. I wanted to get married outside and originally set a date in June. However, my mom was sick and getting very frail so we pushed it up to March 8th. The day before the wedding is was 28 degrees and snowed. The morning of the wedding in the mansion we booked where we were getting married we were trying to decide where to have the ceremony. I wanted something informal and thought perhaps we could all just stand around in the large living room and then go into the ballroom for the reception. While explaining this to the caterer a waiter came in from outside and asked and declared. “Have you been outside? It’s 75 degrees out there.” With the sun not only melting the snow on the ground, but shining down on us we were married outside.


Another miracle that day was the tablecloths. I originally wanted a specific color yellow to match the purple and yellow centerpieces. However the caterer said he couldn’t get the right color yellow. So I gave in and accepted plain white. The day of the wedding the caterer came running over to me, “There was a terrible mistake. The tablecloths that were delivered are yellow.” And they were the right color yellow.


I could go on and on about the other miracles that day as well. However, the message is when there’s love, and we set an intension, and get out of our own way by releasing the tension, miracles happen. And that’s how life can be magical.


Invitation: Develop a daily practice of processing your thoughts, feelings, speech and actions and transforming them to love – and observe the synchronicity of thoughts and happening and enjoy the miracle of it all. That’s how we create a magical life.


Staying in touch and in love,

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