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The Meanings And Mindings Of My Mystical Experience


Penny Cohen, LCSW

As for a summary of what led up to the spiritual experience mentioned in blog #1, I now explain the feeling of incredible warmth and love and the message I received as reaching a deeper level of love and innate wisdom. It’s a love and insight that came from the core of my being – the essence of who I am. I call this the Higher Self, the part of my Self that is connected to the essence of all life – the love and creative life forces in the universe – the part of my Self in potential – in source. Some explain the Higher Self as Christ Consciousness. Kabbalists call the Higher Self the “yechida,” the self or soul within oneness. According to Carl Jung the Self is an archetype symbolizing the totality of the personality. It represents the striving for unity, wholeness, and integration. Neale Donald Walsch said in Conversations With God: Book 1, “Your soul, (subconscious, id, spirit, past, etc.) is the sum total of every feeling you’ve ever had…When you reassemble all of the parts of your soul you will have remembered who you really are.” The goal is to connect again.

The concept is that we are all one and yet unique even within the oneness. Carl Jung calls the oneness the collective unconscious. Richard Bucke, in the title of his book calls it Cosmic Consciousness. Some call it love, Higher power, Universe, Nature, God. Our Self is part of the oneness. Our uniqueness is concealed within our Higher Self. Our Higher Self knows everything about us from the beginning of time and includes our potential. When we are in touch with our Higher Self we experience the essence of who we are; the deep loving part of ourselves, the part that feels secure, confident, whole, and intelligent. What emerges from that is an innate desire and the courage to express our uniqueness and be of service.

What separates us from our higher self and knowing who we are?

What separates us from our Higher Self is our unhealthy ego, which manifests in negative character traits, and acting out behavior rather than coming from our truth. The ego traits stem from an accumulation of memories and vows from past lives, our current lives and our ancestral lineage. It also includes thoughts, feelings, beliefs and decisions we made on how to live life based on how we were treated in childhood, or the role modeling we had and the way we behaved in order to get attention. If we’re afraid of abandonment we behave in ways to defend and protect ourselves for survival. We look to others for external support. We take on airs and develop facades based on how we think people want us to think, say, or act, rather than what we really think, want to say and how we want to behave; our untruth.

To be who we truly are is to know our thoughts, feelings and actions and transform them to love, free ourselves of the self-defeating behaviors and sufferings and make room for our higher Self to emerge. That’s when we come from our truth, our positive character traits and experience being loved, inspired and blessed.

Invitation: I invite you to begin to state I am willing to come from my Higher Self of love and wisdom at all times.

Keeping In Touch And In Love,



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