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Oneness: Living In Divine Paradise


Penny Cohen, LCSW

Oneness with the Divine means being in Divine Paradise. From a Kabbalistic perspective it means to be in the endless light and relate from Oneness. In Christianity might be staying devoted to Jesus, the personification of love. In Sufism it is a connection to a merciful God. They all carry the connotation of being with and coming from the Divine. To stay attached to the Divine we need to love and be loved, which means to allow ourselves to love ourselves and to receive love from Our Divine selves.


How did I come to this perspective? I was an atheist until age 38 when I went through divorce. In my search for myself I learned among other techniques, to meditate. I began meditating on the qualities I wanted to achieve in myself: Inner peace and Love; wisdom; understanding; forgiveness and loving-kindness; courage and self-discipline; compassion; faith; gratefulness; generosity and genuineness; achievement. To achieve these qualities I had to free myself of inner tension, self put downs, misgivings, ungratefulness, being unfocused, lacking commitment and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.


During internal inquiry meditation while processing my negative thoughts, repressed feelings and opening to light and love I’d feel a warmth surround me and actually enter into me. It was an energy of inner peace, and confidence; a vibration of love and joy. I felt secure within myself. I began thinking this is what it must be like to “feel” or experience divine presence and what I imagined a God of love would be. And when I started imagining and acknowledging God inside I felt an even greater warmth and joy that was indescribable. The warmth was overflowing. I began thinking this is Divine love. This is God around me entering into me. This is received love.


One day during meditation while I was feeling this incredible warmth and love I automatically screamed internally, “I love you.” Tears swelled, sweet tears of inner joy; of bliss. I was receiving love and sharing love. It made me think of the words in the Song Of Solomon, “I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine.” I was being loved by God and loving God all at once. When I surrendered my ego I opened to pure love.




I invite you to think about loving a loving G.O.D. and opening your heart to receive love. A way of knowing how open you are is to meditate and focus on the heart area and ask yourself, “How open am I right now?” If not too open then intend to open it and keep it open. With the intention you’ll be guided on how to do so.


Keeping in touch and in love,

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