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What Is The God

You Don’t Believe In?


Penny Cohen, LCSW

When people tell me they don’t believe in God, I usually ask, “What is the God you don’t believe in?”


I’ll often get these answers:


“The God that rewards and punishes.”
“The God that’s supposed to take care of you.”
“The God that answers your prayers.”
“The God that’s there for you at all times.”
“The God that’s the savior.”


“Oh my God,” I tell them. “I don’t believe in that God either.” The God I believe in is an energy source that adheres to everything we say and do and reflects it back. It’s a Guiding Organizing Design that shows us where we are going wrong, and therefore supports us in becoming good souls. It guides us to help our souls evolve, to access love and wisdom.


People ask, “How does it guide us?”


It shows us when we’re not in equanimity. When we’re not in a state of love or accessing our brilliance.


We are guided by our instincts, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, speech and actions. If our thoughts are negative, beliefs self-defeating, feelings repressed, speech slanderous (to ourselves or others), and behaviors dysfunctional we are coming from our ego instead of our soul and the Divine. That’s when we get tripped up and think there is no God.

These self-defeating thoughts and beliefs are the ego protecting us from reaching out and getting hurt or being disappointed. It keeps us inside; small, fearful, and walled off from everything and everyone else. It hurts us. We feel alone, abandoned, lonely and disconnected from everything and everyone else. That’s when we tend to blame others for how we feel – and it makes us even smaller, and we either close off more or lash out at others.


When we’re in equanimity and open to our soul we are in alignment with the flow and things comes to us easily and effortlessly. The right words come out at the right time. People show up to help. Opportunities abound. That’s when we feel divinely guided, supported and blessed. But the real blessing is the Guiding Organizing Design showing us when we’re not in a state of love. When we realize the lesson we can make changes and are truly grateful.




I invite you to notice your body throughout the day. If there is any constriction or tightness, then you’re not in equanimity and therefore not in the flow. Take a second to take a deep breath and free the constriction. Notice the shift in your body and watch the miracles happen.


Keeping In Touch And In Love,


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