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Coming Out Of The Closet With A God Of Love


Penny Cohen, LCSW

I noticed for years that many contemporary personal development and spiritual coaches, leaders and authors tend to avoid using the word God in their work. Instead, they use words like Universal flow, Source, Higher Consciousness, Higher Power, Love, Vortex, Oneness, etc. I know the word God can be a trigger if people have been brought up to fear God — but there is a God — a Creator; a Source. Something created this universe. Even if you don’t believe in the big bang theory and you’re an evolutionist, something still created that first amoeba – something started the evolution process even if it’s evolution itself. So as the creator is creating, the evolver is evolving. And what are we evolving to? We’re evolving to the concept of godliness that is guidedness and embracing a Divine presence within us, a God of love.

That being said, I’m on a quest to bring the word God out of the closet and back into the forefront – but not with the connotation of the God that watches over and rewards or punishes us and not even the God that takes care of us and gives us what we want. But a spiritual perspective of a God that is all knowing, all powerful, all present, transcendent and imminent – a God that is within us and around us. A life force of energy that just is. It’s a source of energy that we can access to receive inner peace, love, wisdom, and healing and guidance.

The new way I re-imagine God is that I am a God. I am the creator of my own life. However, there are powers I can reach to access, harness and direct such as divine love, wisdom, and healing. I think of these powers incorporated in a Guiding Organizing Design of the flows of life forces and creative energies of the universe. I call this the greater God, the all inclusive God of oneness.

The reason I believe it’s so important to re-imagine the old concept of God and bring the word God back into the forefront in a new way is that it is a word that is used often. It’s in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Constitution, in every religious organization’s prayer books and recited prayers. The word God is in articles and magazines, many songs and citations, and daily conversations and affirmations. It’s an automatic reflex when you’re in the ditches being shot at, or fearing death and automatically screaming “God help me.” Or, when you are in the clutch of orgasm, and you might scream, “Oh God!” If you think of a God of wrath when you hear or use the word God you will automatically clench up and close off from a source of power that can fulfill you with love, wisdom, and understanding and many other attributes including: mercy and loving-kindness; courage and inner strength; harmony, beauty and compassion; emotional freedom and faith; thought clarity and gratefulness; a firm foundation of love, and the ability to believe in miracles and manifest your dreams. Instead, if you re-imagine God as a Guiding Organizing Design of energy that you communicate and co-partner with, as in “what you think you attract,” when your heart is centered on a God of love, you feel divinely guided, supported and blessed.


I leave you with the thought of pondering God, and what that word or concept means to you. While doing so, notice how you feel within your body when you hear the word God. If you clench you’re still retaining the old concept of the word God – the God that rewards and punishes. If you’re open there’s a better chance of staying in the flow of love and wisdom. Make the commitment to open to the creative Guiding Organizing Design of the universe and feel free to use the word God with the connotation of Love and Creativity.

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