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Do We Make Our Own Luck Or Does It Happen By Chance?


Penny Cohen, LCSW

Many years ago at my High School graduation right after moving the tassels on our hats, we greeted our families. Before reaching his family, my friend Rob stopped to say hello to my relatives. My aunt walked over to wish us good luck. Rob automatically said, “I don’t need luck. I’ll make my life happen.” I thought he was very arrogant and apparently so did my aunt. She walked away mumbling under her breath. Today Rob is a multi-millionaire.


I believe it did take luck. Or I should say the intention, determination, persistence, patience, passion and gratitude to do what it takes as I watched Rob climb the corporate ladder over the years.


Rob and I are still friends and recently I asked him what he attributed his good fortune to. He said, "Thinking about what I want, putting it out there by sharing it with others, accepting what I get back and taking action on what I think is right. I reevaluate when things don’t work out and move forward again.”


Remembering his remark many years before, I asked, “Do you attribute some of it to luck?” He shook his head from side to side, “No, I make things happen.”


I then asked him if it came easy to him. He said, “It took a lot of work, focus, and direction and things would fall into place.” Then he added, “I guess you could say the falling in place is luck – but I still was the cause of it.”


It was always a passion of his to be successful. He saw business as a challenge and he loved the game of it and never had any doubts or fears of not being successful or even being successful. Although it was filled with hard work, it was done with passion and love. He also added adamantly, “I manage the honest way.” Although he was a skeptic, he was living the law of attraction.  And he reaped the rewards in business.


The law of attraction is that whatever you put out in thoughts and feelings, comes back. And when you do things with passion and love the universe returns it in kind. Therefore, luck is the response or effect of cause. You make luck happen. You create what you get.


To create luck it takes either having the passion innately or doing the internal work of first letting go of fears, doubts or anxieties and putting passion and love into potential with what you desire and then take action with an open heart. That’s when you reap the rewards of enjoying the process while working on the outcome and feel “lucky” in life.



I invite you to think about what you wish to accomplish or have in life. Make sure there are no internal obstacles such as negative thoughts, doubts, fears, anxieties, feelings of unworthiness or being undeserving and put it out to the universe. Then stay focused on what you desire, take action on what comes and just let go and enjoy the process of living with passion and love – or is it luck?


Keeping in touch and in love,


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