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SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes

FREE:3 week (one hour each) course

Short intro about this course

Although most people think the obstacles to peace, love, success and fulfillment are from external sources, they're more about how we react to the stressors which involves internal sources such as: miss-perceived or negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, repressed feelings, miss-informed decisions, and demeaning speech. These manifest in emotional reactions of anger, anxiety, depression, stress, struggle and trauma and culminate in self-sabotaging and dysfunctional behaviors. With the release of tension, and with intention you open to unencumbered love and creative flow and design a life you love. And, you can maintain it on your own on an ongoing basis.

Short intro video about this course

Highlights include:

Week 1:  Authenticity

  • Learn the dynamics of being authentic and aligned on an ongoing basis.

  • Basic Relaxation

  • Sensory Perception – identify constrictions in the body

Week 2:  Heartfulness

  • Belief Identification and Relief

  • Identify, Face, Feel, Free and Heal the feelings beneath emotions

Week 3:  The SELF-Realization Process

  • Class discussions and demonstrations of how to use the process

How does it work?

Every week you will receive a new lesson for 3 weeks.(total of 3 lessons). Each lesson will include audio recording, exercise, homework and meditation. Each lesson is your to keep and will conveniently remain in your account so you won't have to search for it when you are ready to get back to it.

Please support the author. Pay as much as you can afford.No matter how much you pay, you will be getting the same course as everyone else.

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