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SELF–Realization in 21 Minutes

Making Sense of Your Life One Step at a Time

A daily SELF–healing internal inquiry process to 
understand and let go of how and why something or someone is bothering you, resolve it, and move ahead optimistically.


Thanks for stopping by. There’s so much excitement about my new SELF-healing process that I’m delighted to share it with you: SELF–Realization in 21 Minutes.


SELF–Realization in 21 Minutes is a daily process of not only reframing thoughts and beliefs. It also transforms the emotions, feelings, decisions, speech and actions stopping you from being your authentic self and creating and living the life you desire. Freeing one obstacle at a time, you feel lighter, freer and clearer immediately and with more advanced applications (see workshops below) you radically improve your life and the lives of those you love or counsel.

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The Art of Receiving Love & Wisdom

Navigating Relationships

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Our Lives

Penny Cohen, LCSW, Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Now, lets get started!

Ask Yourself

Are you -- unhappy, in transition from personal, mid-life or spiritual crisis, trauma, divorce, heartbreak, career, loss of a loved one, job, or empty nesting?

If so, -- you may be Angry, Anxious, Stressed, Depressed, lack SELF Esteem, fear change, or bored, stuck or in a rut

Or -- you may be desperately searching to find out WHO you are, WHY you are here, and HOW to find and fulfill your purpose


SELF-Realization in 21Minutes™
is Here to Help!

If you wish to understand and be finally free of your mental, emotional pain and suffering, gain clarity and move forward and do it on your own by clearing one obstacle at a time

If you prefer support - see the variety of ways we can work together



Your life filled with Peace, Love, and Intimacy,

Satisfying Family and Social Relationships

and a

Meaningful Career

The Process also accelerates gaining answers to the BIG Personal Questions:

Who am I?
Open to Higher Consciousness and become your authentic SELF
Why am I here?
Embrace unconditional love, communicate compassionately, experience intimacy in a primary relationship and enjoy satisfying family and social relationships
What is my purpose?
Uncover your uniqueness and live with passion
How can I contribute?
Feel loved, guided, supported and blessed and share the blessings by mentoring

SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes

Making Sense of Your Life One Step at a Time

The End Result:

  • Improved health and greater vitality

  • Increased intimacy in your primary relationship

  • More satisfying family, social, business relationships

  • Enjoyed a prosperous, meaningful career

  • Living the life you create and love with ease and joy

  • Being seen as happy, clear-headed, open-hearted, and inspirational             

Video the process

For more In-depth understanding of the practice

Take my FREE  3-week (one hour each) Training Program.

If you prefer to have support Transforming
Your Life Or Desire more In-Depth Instruction and Enhanced Skills...

Here are Ways We Can Work Together

Individual, Couples &
Family Counseling

Ongoing Weekly
Study Group


One Year Professional

Programs & Events


Oh Yes, A Little About Me:
Who I Am and How I Came to Develop This Process

We all have Life Challenges

Questioning life and healing through my own trauma of divorce, I was close to a nervous breakdown and then had a spontaneous spiritual experience. I opened to higher consciousness, a greater love than ever imagined, and a sense of purpose. At age 48 I went to college and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Social Work. Henceforth, as a transformational psychotherapist, and life and spiritual coach for over 35 years I’ve worked with clients in transition snap back from adversity, move forward joyfully and maintain peak performance and fulfillment. Over time I developed a streamlined process of freeing one obstacle at a time. Working together while transforming your life, you learn how to use it on your own. Or, you can download it FREE to do on your own here and now: SELF-Realization in 21 Minutes
Read more about my credentials and philosophy >


“Studying with Penny has enriched my life in many ways. Personally I have learned how my actions result in manifesting everything that happens, and I have been very successful in changing my relationships for the better. I am empowered to pursue my painting and to live a more fulfilling and joyful life. ”

BD, Artist

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